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acky Navarre is a revered figure in the world of cognac, celebrated for his devotion to traditional methods. As the fourth-generation owner and master distiller of the small estate Domaine de Montdomaine, Navarre maintains practices that date back centuries, emphasizing craftsmanship over mass production. His cognacs are renowned for their depth, complexity, and exceptional quality.


Navarre follows a meticulous process, using grapes exclusively from his family's vineyards in the Grande Champagne region, the premier cru of Cognac. He ferments and distills the spirit himself, employing an old-fashioned copper pot still. Maturation takes place in old oak barrels, allowing the cognac to develop its rich flavors and intricate aromas over many years.


Eschewing modern technology, Navarre’s dedication results in exclusive, limited-production cognacs that are highly sought after by connoisseurs. His unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality makes Jacky Navarre a treasured name in the realm of fine cognac.

Navarre Cognac Souvenir Imperial L24

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